Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Wowsers!! Where in the world have I been?? Oh, that's right!! I was on vacation in Lake Chelan!! Some friends of ours at church gave us their condo/timeshare for a whole week!! It was awesome! We went as a family and took my parents along as well. None of us had ever been to Chelan before except for my dad who went fishing there once as a child. We spent the week working on puzzles, taking the kids outside, eating, playing racquetball, Curtis used the gym a few times, and enjoying a nice relaxing break from our normal lives. I got some great pictures that are below. We left for back home on Friday morning almost two hours ahead of schedule, but then lost all of that time by spending over 4 hours in Leavenworth!
Things are still going well here. God is SO GOOD to us. We recently received news that all of our hospital bills that were acquired through having Phoebe were written off by the hospital! They covered 100% of the bills! How awesome is that!! We have a lot to be thankful here in the Wentling household!

So, hopefully I will be back to blogging daily!! I will try my best!

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