Sunday, February 7, 2010


Well, today I am thirty. I am not too happy about it either. Well, I am not mad about it but I think I am not happy about it because this officially means that my youth has come and gone. I am no longer a young adult.....I am just an adult! How uneventful.....sigh....I feel settled, now I am just coasting up a hill that I can neither stop or slow the process down. I have always related more towards the younger crowd. Even when I watch movies, I relate more with High School Musical then I do Erin Brockovich. Now, that time is past. I have to remember that getting older is just another process and I am call to enjoy that process! So, that is what I'll do. I am going to blog about being thirty for a full year partly to see if the body(my body) really does fall apart at thirty, and then to see if age brings wisdom. We shall see, but as for now, it is my birthday and I am THIRTY!


bean said...

happy birthday and happy blogging!!!

Jeni Mills said...

I have decided to stay young foreverrrr! You can join my club LOL!