Monday, February 8, 2010


I made it through my 30th birthday without anything falling apart! It was actually a great day! My favorite part was that I was actually able to go to church BOTH services!! That was awesome!! It feels great being among the church body again. After church Curtis and I headed down to Seattle for lunch at The Crab Pot and had a fun time using our mallets to whack open some crab legs. Yummy! Stopped off for coffee on the way home, pick up the kids and came home. Nice and relaxing!

Even though I am 30 now, I really am enjoying life. My kids are in a great stage right now and they make my days go by fast! Phoebe will be turning 1 in a few days. It is crazy. She doesn't seem anywhere close to being one, I blame it on the bald head.

Sorry that today I am a little random. It must be because I am 30 now :)

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Speckle of Dirt said...

LOve the Crabpot! I can't believe you are such a baby!! 30 is nothing!! Glad you enjoyed your day! Congrats on the baby news!!