Sunday, February 14, 2010

30+1 Week

So, yes, I am 9 weeks pregnant due around the middle of September! We are pretty excited about this since we have been praying to conceive since August. Hannah specifically has been praying for a baby brother. Do you remember on Thursday when I stated that the day had not gone as planned at all. Well, now I can let you know why. We were given via a phone call a due date in late August which would have put me at 12 weeks! That would have been great because I have been feeling great. For all of you moms out there, it is a great feeling to go your first trimester without even feeling like you are pregnant!

So, Thursday morning we went in for an ultrasound and the they couldn't see or find anything, which is a little scary. She said that it could really be one of three things. 1. I wasn't pregnant, 2. I was only 5 1/2 weeks not 12, or 3. that I could be having a tubal pregnancy. They scheduled another ultrasound that night with a more powerful scanner. The rest of the day my mind wandered through the potential possibilities, worse case scenarios and how my response should be. I was pretty upset about the potential of a tubal pregnancy because doctors usually tell you to terminate your pregnancy because it is too much of a danger to moms. I was at a cross roads of my faith and my fear. On the way to the appointment I had a chance to talk to my heavenly Father specifically about my fears and of the faith that I should have and the lack of faith that I did have. As it turned out, my fears were all in vain(as usually fears are), I wasn't at 12 weeks but 9 weeks and the reason why the first ultrasound failed was because of a full bladder on my part. That is my story thus far. We are still up in the air if we will find out the sex of the baby or not. We will have to face that decision in about 9 weeks. As I said earlier, I am feeling great, and I am grateful to God for blessing us with another child! What a great God we serve! And even if I was expecting, or if I had a tubal pregnancy, we still serve a great God!!

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