Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thank You Lord!

Yesterday Hannah and Curtis got home from work late. All Hannah had time to do before bed was eat a super quick dinner and take a bath. While she was eating dinner though, she told me that during her last recess, she asked God to come into her heart and clean it of her sin! How awesome is that!! God has chosen to call and save my oldest! I rejoiced with her and gave her many hugs and kisses, and all she could reply is that she loved my and now she has a clean heart. Now here comes the hard part. Encouraging a five year old in her new faith, teaching her how to love Jesus more, how to listen to that still small voice inside of her that is the Holy Spirit, and how to keep short accounts between her and Christ in confession of sin. Please be praying for Hannah, Curtis and I as we go through this together. Praise God! Only time will tell if she is truly saved, but still I will rejoice! I definitely think that she knows what it mean to be saved, as any five year old would know. She knows that she has sin in her heart, she knows what her specific sins look like, she knows that only God through Jesus can make her heart clean, and she knows that after her heart is clean it can get little dirt on it again that has to be washed off by saying your sorry when you sin to God. I love it! I love this stage!! Praise God!

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Amy said...

That is SO awesome Bekah! :)