Saturday, March 6, 2010

Take Three.....

Take three.....This is my third attempt on today's blog. I don't have anything really to write(type) about. This week has been pretty calm since Tuesday. A nice change to say the least! Oh wait! Here is something semi-exciting. Hannah has her first loose tooth! It is really loose. In fact, I think that if she would let me that we could just pull it out, but her fears are in her way. Her adult tooth is already starting to push through as well, so in theory, it should push the baby tooth right out with very little pain.

It does kind of remind me of stuff that God might want to pull out of my life for future growth, but like Hannah, my fears could get in my way. It could be something foolish and temporal like the internet or it could be something big like a lose of one of my family members or my whole family. Painful in the moment or as I approach it, but I know that ultimately the old MUST go in order to bring newness. This is even true in salvation. The old man must be put to death in order for the new man to have life. What a great reminder!

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