Wednesday, March 3, 2010

He Did, He Did!!

In my last post I described how my last week was, filled with mini trials. Today however, I want to share how God has already answered our prayers and my fears. We don't know how this happened but God gave us an incredible tax refund this year, which is slightly odd considering we didn't have any tax with-holdings. But none the less God can choose to bless His children whenever and however He chooses! We had just received our return before we spent the $600+ on tires so that purchase was already covered. The medical bills I am pretty sure that I will have to pay but God did provide another form of free insurance that will act as a secondary and they will cover 100%!!! That means we won't have to pay anything out of pocket for the pregnancy and delivery. That is HUGE!! Praise God!! He is always so faithful to take care of His children! Hannah in Sunday school class has been learning how God keeps His covenants and promises. She is always quick to remind me of that )
Also, interesting how God uses my five year old. After I had received my speeding ticket I was driving home crying and Hannah asked me why I was so sad. I told her it was because I had disobeyed and got in trouble for it. She told me that I needed to ask Jesus in my heart to make it clean. I told her that Jesus was already in my heart and that even when He is in my heart that I still disobey sometimes and sin. She replied that I needed to then ask forgiveness from God and He will take away my sin of disobeying. I told her that I did ask for forgiveness. She thought for a bit and then said "You shouldn't be sad anymore because Jesus has forgiven you, that should make you joyful, you are forgiven!" Talk about stabbing my heart! She was absolutely right! I was lingering over my sin feeling sorry for myself. Not only did she see that but she called me on it! Once again, God is oh so faithful!


Chuck Weinberg said...

Go preacher Hannah:)
God is good!!!

Marty said...

My goodness what a sweet child you have! I had a similar experience after receiving a ticket. I ran a red light...on my way to church. Needless to say I was late...humbling enough on it's own, "I didn't want to spill the meatballs Officer." but did I mention I'm also the Pastor's wife?
I loved reading about the wonderful way God is showering your family with His provision and faithfulness...He is so good!

Marty said...

Oh, and I'm from the Femina blog party :-)