Friday, March 16, 2007

No Particular Reasons

I haven't read my Bible for two days and I am begining to feel drained physically and spiritually. If got me to wonder how the physical man and spiritual man are connected. I am not the person who believes that God will punish or discipline for not reading His Word daily but I do know when I am not in His Word my body feels it. Is this just physchological or is there truth to it. Obviously those who are not saved have energy and on the physical level feel normal, even thouugh they are in reality empty, and feel normal while in their vanity. This is strange, because even as I am writing I think that I have come to my own conclusion; For me, I think, that my physical body becomes exhausted because I know that when I am not in God's word, that I am doing things in vain and that it is exhausting to do mundain things without His word guiding me through the day. Just another reminder how much strength that Christ gives to His children and how much we (especially me) need it.

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cwblogger said...

Thanks for your honesty, Bek!