Thursday, March 15, 2007

Let's Give them Something to talk about!

So last night at small group we continued our discussion on Calvinism with help from 'The Five Points of Calvinism' and we talked on the subject for a hour and half! It was crazy! The girls really seemed to be understanding what the points of Calvinism were and could articulate it back to us! I think that this had to be one of the first times that this has happened! We are thankful to God for giving us His Word and other resources that helps guide us to know why we believe, and we are also thankful for SKH for teaching on this subject!!


bean said...

i know! it's crazy. my girls are eating it up too. and defending it to haters. :) i'm so glad skh is teaching it too. it's awesome!

cwblogger said...

Way to go JH girls! My side of the JH guys would echo those sentiments. They did not seem to understand it as deeply as I would have liked, but they were eager to learn! Plus, with those awesome resources, there are a plethora of Scriptures to verify! Great stuff no matter how you slice it!

Leila said...

I'm so thankful! We had a great discussion, too - it's nice to see them struggling with challenging Theology - getting stretched - all of a sudden you realize, they just might get it - PRAISE GOD!