Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Did I tell you guys that we are taking off on another Wandering Wentlings" summer? Well, we are! On Tuesday we will pick up the kids from their half day at school and head directly east. Hoping to hit Spokane by dinner and then Billings by breakfast. The ultimate destination is my in-laws in northwest Ohio. This will be interesting considering that Phoebe and Isaac have never been on a road trip....not even to Idaho. Furthest they have been is to the airport, take that back, Phoebe has been to the ocean. ANYWAYS, we will have a very full minivan because my mom is coming with us. That means we will have 7 passengers in our 7 passenger mini van!! This is how memories are made right?!

I cannot begin to express how much we have been looking forward to this trip! We try to head out there every other year but because I was pregnant with Isaac last summer my obgyn forbade me to go. So, this is our year! We are also going to stop at a few eateries that were featured on our favorite Travel Channel show "Man v. Food". Yeah, I know we are food dorks. Looking forward to many picture taking, memory making good times!

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Keri said...

Fun! I love that show!!