Sunday, June 12, 2011

When it all gets to be too much!

I am a big planner. Which is probably why we have basically been packed for a month now for our upcoming trip. I have been picking up food as well for the past few months so that I am not depleting our grocery budget for June all on our trip. You know, just a few things here and there, especially if they were on sale. Last night I started pulling out the non refrigerated foods to pack up. OH MY GOODNESS! WAY TOO MUCH! Where did all this food come from?

We have the salty and cheesy category.

Hear comes the chocolate!

These is our healthy snacks!

Breakfast foods!

And last but not in any way least the misc foods!

mmmm.....homemade granola bars!

CRAZINESS! Do you think that is enough?

Next post will be all the fun activities in our van!

1 comment:

Brian said...

Yum! Please share your granola bar recipe! Also what are those graham cracker sandwich things??