Saturday, May 28, 2011


So, we are officially in the process of getting Isaac his prosthetic hand. This past week we met with the prosthetic doctor and Isaac had his nub set in a cast so that they can get accurate measurements when they order. Isaac did pretty well. He has happy which meant he was bouncy. They all loved him in spite of him being bouncy and trying to stick everything in his mouth. By the end of the appointment....let's just say he had a mouth full of plaster! Here are some pictures from they day.


Lydia Hickok said...

Whoa! What an amazing process! You guys are such good parents, God certainly gave Isaac just what he would need when He gave him to you! Love the pics and LOVE YOU!

bean said...

oh my goodness, isaac is so cute. was the pacifier to keep him from eating more plaster? a plastifier. seriously, what a doll.