Thursday, September 11, 2008

Where were you on 9/11

I remember that I was on my way to work listening to Jazz on NPR news when they interrupted my program with a news bulletin, shortly after that my friend Jessica called me and told me what happened and to see if I had talked to any of the navy guys on board of the USS Lincoln. I must admit that I didn't understand the gravity of what the news or my friend was describing. I was only 21 and absorbed in my own little world, concerning my own little family and my own little friends. It wasn't until I arrived at the Ophthalmology office where I worked and saw the streaming video's online where it hit me, and even then it didn't effect me the way it effects me now. 2,751 lost their lives that day. Many things have changed since that day, the US is no longer ignorant of terrorist like we seemed to have been before. The radical Islamic put Christians to shame in their devotion to Allah, they seem to show more devote passion and commitment to their god, and are willing to die and kill innocent people to show their love and devotion to Allah, and to punish those who don't believe in Allah. Two years later the US waged war upon terrorist and have been fighting that war since. I remember thanking God for a president that wasn't hasty in his decision to go to war. The US have lost 3,376 soldiers in combat since the beginning of the war. That is only 625 more the we lost on 9/11, they are making sure that what happened then, won't happened again. Reflections on this particular day serves as a good reminder to be thankful for our government, those who serve our country in the military, those who gave their lives on that day, thankfulness to God that He is sovereign over all things, and that He has already won the battle!

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