Monday, September 22, 2008


So, as different as this pregnancy has been one thing has been consistent....bed rest. For all three of my pregnancies I have at some time been put on bed rest. With Hannah I was on bed rest for one day and one day only and that day just happened to be our one year anniversary! With Ben I was on bed rest for two full days before I had to go to the hospital. And now with child number three I am on modified bed rest for at least the rest of this week, at least it is not complete bed rest like the others were.

In case you are wondering Bekah, why are you on bed rest. Yesterday I decided that I wanted to go work out and after five minutes on being on the elliptical machine I started feeling some cramping so I got off and went to the bathroom only to discovered that I was bleeding pretty heavily. After getting the bleeding under control I woke Curtis up from his nap and told him what was going on. I then went on line to do some research on when to call the doctor, and then after ten minutes I went back to the bathroom only to now discover that the bleeding had completely stopped. I was pretty relieved and confused at the same time. I decided to call the doctor and the on call doctor told me that I had probably broken a capillary blood vessel near my cervix, so, I am now on modified bed rest. No exercise, no cleaning, no sex, no vacuuming, no heavy lifting including my kids, and try to lay down as much as I can. But I can still cook, drive, and almost everything else. So, that is what is going on. Today, we are having a movie day and tomorrow starts are busy week once again!

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Leila said...

Hmm, it's almost like not scrubbing your home's floors on your hands and knees when you're six months're doing a great job growing Baby Wentling the Third!