Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Whirlwind of a Week

What a crazy week it has been, but it has been great! Ben turned two yesterday! That is crazy! My baby is now two! I love Ben so much! He has been my most challenging one of my two, but there has been great blessings and rewards from the challenge! For anyone who knows Ben, he has never been "a baby" He came out of the hospital a man! You can see it in the way that he crawled, responded to males and females, the way he slept, and the way he would stretch back and relax! He is now VERY dramatic! He can't have a normal response to anything, in everything he over dramatizes, but he makes us laugh when he does it! He loves to be up early and requires little sleep. He is a process person all the way and likes to work things out with his hands. He is also a huge tease, and shows his love physically to those he loves deeply. He is such a joy! Here are some pictures from the week and from his "Go Blue" birthday party!


bean said...

so cute!!!!

make sure to have him brag to cal for the next five days that he is TWO and cal is ONE.

that seems like man talk, huh?

btw, i love the michigan faces. i can tell these are wentlings.

AndyB said...

Ben is a stud. He is one of my favorite bros.