Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hitting Home

Growing up in my parents church, there was one family that I spent all of my time with: the Spurlings. At the time they had anywhere between, well, when I first met them they had three kids, when I left the church, they had seven. I had a good run on determining what sex their unborn kids would be; and I was correct 90% of the time. Number ten through me off. I still see them a few times a year, at church concerts and such. In fact, my mom and I were planning on going to their house this week to visit. However, I just read on her blog that her husband had a heart attack on Monday night. Talk about hitting home. Wes is healthy, he works hard for a living, and eats well. God is still gracious though; He preserved Wes' life, and even if He didn't, He would still be gracious. Please pray for Wes Spurling, his wife Pam, their eleven kids and three grandkids. I know that they would greatly appreciate it.

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