Friday, April 27, 2007

Off and Running

It is Friday afternoon and in about one hour I will be leaving for Woman's retreat. This will be the first time since I was pregnant with Hannah. I will readily admit that I am actually excited about going this year. For those who don't know me I HATE retreats. I just don't like them! There is one retreat that I like and that is our staff retreat, but other then that...nope. I don't like being forced to bond with others....especially weeping emotional women! Which is why I actually like staff retreat because we as a staff are already pretty tight. So what is causing me to go this year you might wonder. Well, awhile ago, like, in January, John Zimmer made an annoucement about Woman's retreat and was speaking to the ladies who don't like going. He basically said to suck it up and go. As he was making that announcement my husband poke at my ribs and then a girl in front of me ho knew how much I hate retreats turned around and smiled at me. And then after church like three other people mentioned it to me. So I caved in to the Holy Spirits prompting and God using others to make sure that I felt the prompting. But I am excited!! Can you believe this!! I am actually excited about going to a retreat that is not staff retreat!! So, I look foward to returning and blogging about what I have learned through this years retreat!

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