Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ben's First Night in his bed

So, yesterday I transfered Ben's crib into a fancy toddler bed. And he did great during his nap. Bedtime was a little different though. He fell off once but then fell asleep. So, fast foward to 3:30 this morning when Hannah got up to use the bathroom. Curtis went ahead and got up to take her. A few moments later Curtis came back in and told me that I had to come look at my son. I took a picture of what I saw.

We really are perplexed on how this happened. We checked in on them around 11:30pm last night and he was in bed asleep. My brother and Curtis' sister both walked in their sleep, maybe it is in his genes...makes for a good story though.


cwblogger said...

It is funny how he is still wrapped up in his blanket. I think he was turning in his bed and just ended up with his feet on the floor. Then he laid down and went to sleep.

skh said...

That is a very funny picture.

bean said...

hee hee...i think we'll hold off on allowing our wild beast-man that much wiggle room. :)