Friday, April 20, 2012

On the Mend....Just Kidding!

Seriously, I just posted about how we were starting to get healthy! Probably as I was typing that post out God was chuckling to Himself saying, "Bekah, Bekah, Bekah, when will you learn." Last Thursday we took Isaac into the doctor for a checkup on an ear infection that he had only to discover that he had a DOUBLE ear infection. That isn't too bad, not contagious in any way. He was put on stronger antibiotics, and within a couple of days he was feeling better. Well, then on the night of day five he was acting really grouchy again and ended up throwing up from crying so times. Day six brought on a fever that was hard to bring down along with grouchiness. By day six on the antibiotics fever had left but he was still being a super grouch, and started drooling like CRAZY. Called the doctor back, and she got us in on the same day. We were both thinking the same thing, that his ear infections had come back. Well, the only problem was that his ears looked great. What? Please don't tell me that he is just teething. She looked into his throat and stepped back quickly. "Oh! Does he have any bumps anywhere? Diaper rash or anything?" I replied that he had a little diaper rash that had just started but wasn't bad. What was going through the doctor's mind? Was it Mono? Was it Strep Throat? Why was she asking about rashes? Chicken Pox? "He has Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease." WHAT? What in the world is that? She explained further that he has sores in his mouth (hence the drooling) and the "diaper rash" were the same kind of sores. HFMD is a virus it is very contagious(great!) and very painful. NICE! So, I am pretty confident that my 3 year old will catch this as well. One of these days........we will get better!!

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Lydia Hickok said...

NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! So sorry! Ycuky! I know the other Bekah had a couple of kiddos with it a few months ago. You could comizerate with her! Sor sorry friend! Will I see on Sunday?