Saturday, April 14, 2012

On the Mend...

This has been a very long and cruel winter in regards to the health of my house. We have definitely been battling multiple virus' these past, well, probably since October-ish. November brought on a severe case of Mono to (at the time) my 2 year old. She is still recovering from that, she still gets tired out if she does too many activities, and she catches just about any illness that passes her way. March was my bad month. I had this cold/sinus junk that would not leave my system. I had a fever for almost two weeks, went through a whole cycle of Penicillin and a Z-Pack with no help. Then, I got placed on some strong steroids, and an inhaler. I am off all meds now and I am for the most part feeling better but my throat is still crazy sore. The difficult thing with menu planning and making the majority of your meals on one day is that when you are sick and don't have the energy to cook anything your whole family suffers. Curtis has been making more store runs for fast food or prepared foods this past month, he has been doing more laundry, and trying to relieve me as much as possible. I am SO looking forward to the month of May. Looking forward to getting my meals back on track, looking forward to running in the mornings again, looking forward to my cleaning schedule again! I took Isaac to his doctor because he had an ear infection and needed a check up. I told the doctor that I was hoping that he had another ear infection because he has been the GROUCHIEST person alive. Screams and yells, refuses to be comforted, angry, yeah, that sums up Isaac. Sure enough, he now has a double ear infection. Thankfully, this round of antibiotics already seem to be working. ANYWAYS, all of that to say that I was telling Isaac's doctor that I am SO looking forward to spring, since we only seem to get sick in the winter. Spring is definitely upon us. Even now, our back yard is filled with croaking is a wonderful sound! I know that in a few short months the frogs will be joined with the sounds of crickets offering their ever joyful song. Phoebe is now potty trained! It is truly glorious! We now only have ONE kid in diapers! Sorry, This post has been random. That is me, I am random. And I am addicted to Food Gawker. And Pinterest. My throat hurts. My very good friend flies in next week with her two girls! I get to meet the Pioneer Woman soon! That is awesome! She is awesome! Her newest book is awesome! And so is her biography of her and her husbands courtship. That is is.....goodnight!

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Lydia Hickok said...

Holy Moly, girl! So sorry you have been going through all of that! Yuck! I'll tell ya, I have ALWAYS admired your spunk and your "let's go" attitude no matter what storms hit! You are a real trooper!

Excited to see you this week! Woohoo! And glad you seem to be on the mend for the most part. Will be praying for your family's wellness! Love you!