Monday, August 18, 2008

Shocking News!!! Must Read!!

Okay, so today is Hannah's 4th birthday and we told her that we would have whatever she wanted for dinner. At first she wanted cottage cheese, but then when I explained that it could be ANYTHING she decided that we would go out for hamburgers and french fries. She decided Red Robin over McDonalds so that she and Ben could get a balloon.

I decided for some reason to go to Red Robin's web site to look around. This was a big mistake! My mom who had been dieting told me the Red Robin doesn't give out their nutritional value unless you contacted the branch office. Well, their website now offers the nutritional value of their food. I decided to look up what I would normally order, you know, just to see how healthy I thought that I was being. I always order a Teriyaki Chicken Burger with no tomato. So it has grilled chicken breast, teriyaki sauce, lettuce, pineapple, swiss cheese, and mayo on a bun. I had always thought that it was a healthier option because the chicken was grilled and not fried, I knew in the back of my mind that it would be high in sugar because of the teriyaki sauce but still I was thinking that it would be around 400-500 calories. THE SANDWICH ALONE IS 900 CALORIES!!!! 900!!! That is crazy and that is not including french fries or a drink!!

So, then I wanted to see how much my second option The Whiskey River Bar-be-cue Chicken Wrap. This option included french fries with it. Do you want to take a guess?? It is on a spinach tortilla, it has chicken, cheese, bbq sauce, lettuce, and ranch dressing. Go ahead.....take a guess. Whatever you guessed you are most likely wrong!! 1526 calories!!!! Can you believe it!! That is your ENTIRE DAY of calories!!! And once again that is not including any drinks! I was completely shocked!!!

For my final on-line journey, I went to McDonald's website to check out the meal that I would get there. The meal I usually would get is McChicken sandwich meal that comes with fries and a drink. I included in the drink a coke (which I usually get a lemonade). But, the entire meal at McDonalds is 950 calories. Granted, that is a lot of calories as well, but for 50 calories more I get an entire meal at McDonald's rather then just a sandwich at Red Robin! This is absolutely shocking to me. So, before you go out to Red Robin, or maybe you would prefer to look after, check to see how many calories are in you sandwich!!!

I, however, made a promise to Hannah that we could go anywhere she wanted, we are going to Red Robin. I think that I might just get a side salad which only has 217 calories!


Anonymous said...

That is sooo sad...the chicken wrap is my favorite thing to order! I don't think it is fair to compare the two, as Red Robin is definitely tastier and more filling!

theGracegirl said...

Ridiculous, I know. Now picture the women who come and get a soda, milkshake, appetizer, burger & bottomless fries (which they take full advantage of), partake in dessert, and then complain about why they can't seem to "lose the weight."

I like splitting burgers with friends. I end up full, it's still a treat, and although it's not a low-calorie meal by any means, it's definitely not as terrible as the bbq chx wrap.

I wish I could still be working at the Rojo Robin so I could've seen you guys, though. It would've been fun to sing for Hannah's birthday. Oh California...