Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I hate movies.....

That just leave you hanging! No closure, no answers just an ending! Curtis and I just watched "Cloverfield" where the basic principle of the movie is that some type of monster thing which no one knows where it came from, what it was or anything, attacks New York City. It is all shot like a documentary feel to it where you feel like you are getting dizzy from the camera moving too much, and where all of the main characters die a horrible death. The thing is that they never tell you what attacked them, and how it dropped from it's arms smaller monsters, and why if the smaller monster bit you why the authorities freaked out and took you away. And another thing, why didn't it kill any animals? Another thing is that you see the results of one guy being attacked by the main monster but then the monster drops him and doesn't consume him. What's that all about?

It is a pretty interesting movie, I won't watch it again, and I am definitely not suggesting that you should watch it either, but if this peaks your interest and you are thinking to your self, "How bad can the ending really be?" I would strongly recommend the you watch it with a curse box on because like in most terror movies where there is wide panic among people there is a lot of taking the Lord's name in vain. Back to the original problem though, why leave everyone hanging? It is not like there will be a "Cloverfield 2" or anything.

One more thought before I end this rampage of these type of movies. I NEVER want to live in Manhattan! Almost in every movie where something bad happens, it happens in Manhattan. For example: "The Day After Tomorrow" a fictional movie on how global warming will throw us into an ice age, the main "trauma" if you will, happens in New York. Even though it never made it to port, "The Titanic" was headed to New York (okay, I know, that one is a stretch.) "Men in Black" is another one, where the majority of aliens live in New York! "I am Legend" is another one, "Independence Day" has quite a few scenes of the meteor shower destroying New York landmarks. The newer version of "Godzilla" happens in New York as well. Even in Disney's "Enchanted", the wicked step mother that turns into a dragon happens in New York! And then the biggest disaster of all "King Kong". Who can forget the scene of King Kong hanging off the Empire State Building? Man, I am telling you, if you go to New York, go to upstate New York and no where near New York City

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