Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Help, I'm Drowning!

I saw Dr. McBride yesterday in this ongoing saga of my.....I don't even know what to call it anymore.....sinus, no voice, coughing, thing. After listening to me try to breathe he made the comment that I was drowning in my own mucas, that is a nice thought! Anywho, he immediately thought that it was allergies because I was feeling great while I was pregnant and usually acid reflux gets worse when you are pregnant, while allergies get better. So, I was poked, prodded, and dripped on by all of these different oils such as cats dander, grass, weed, mold and anything else you could imagine. Also, they put a drop of histamine that would insure that the test was working. After 15 minutes or so the nurse came back in to see the results and just like I had thought.....no allergies. In fact I barely had a reaction to the histamine. The nurse told me that it would itch and feel like a bug bite. Now, I am not allergic to any kind of bugs so I didn't know what a bug bite feels like. Now, I do!

Then they sent me across the street to get a CT scan. I think that the technician was pretty annoyed with me. She asked my if I was pregnant and I replied that I didn't know. She didn't understand how I couldn't know. I told her that I had just finished ovulating the week before and didn't know if I was pregnant. She must have been new because she was going to order a blood test to see if I was or not. I had to explain to her that if I was, I was too early in my pregnancy for the results to be positive even with the blood test. She looked really confused by this point. Thankfully, the other technician stepped in to explain the process of how the fertilized egg has to travel out of the tube and attach to the uterine wall and then like a week or so after that is when you would get a positive result. I don't think that she was expecting a lesson in reproduction. At this point she asked the other tech to finish up because she felt her pager go off! HAHAHAHA! Sorry that was a LONG rabbit trail. Anyways, the scan came back normal, in fact Dr. McBride stated that my septum was text book perfect, not a single curve or bend in it. I guess that is a good thing.

So now we are going with the acid reflux option and see how it works. If it is not acid reflux then I will get scoped to see if I have any polyps on my vocal cords, if I did, I would need surgery to cut them out. I don't know about you, but THAT sounds like a lot of FUN!! While we were discussing about the things that I could do to help treat GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease), he talked about not eating any fat past dinner time. I explained to him that I couldn't really have anything high in fat anyways because I don't have a Gall Bladder. And then he told me that there is a pill that I could take in order to eat high fat foods without getting me sick! As I was gasping for breath, I asked him to explain about this wonder drug. He said that there is a pill one could take that helps the body to absorb fats. Then he put it in layman's terms for me. If I wanted to go to Chicago and have a deep dish Chicago style pizza, just take a couple of pills before you eat and you would be fine! THIS IS THE BEST NEWS EVER!!!!!! Why hasn't anyone said this before!!! I can't even fathom having french fries again!!! That news alone made my day, who cares now if I get better or not! I can have french fries again! And pizza! And hotdogs! And a peanut butter sandwich!!! How crazy is that!!!

So, all that to say, my appointment went well, and I am now in the Dr. McBride fan club and Lord willing I will be feeling better soon! Thanks everyone for their prayers and concerns! You guys rock!


Leila said...

Well, at least we're on track for something! Thank God!

By the way, they told me I was only a little allergic to cats and horses, but I'm pretty sure I'm getting very allergic to horses. Irony, anyone? Someday I need to get shots :).

Anonymous said...

Oh Bekah,
I was laughing so hard over the tech who needed a reproduction lesson! I'm sorry they haven't found the real problem yet, but hey, yummy foods again... that's GREAT!!! -Erica W.