Monday, July 9, 2007

Enjoying the Process-"Holy Crap"

It has actually been awhile since I have shared how I am ETP-ing. With that in mind this may be a long one. :) One thing that I have noticed through scripture reading is that God has a sense of humor, or at least you can find humor in the Bible. Now, we have all heard the jokes as junior highers about Nehemiah (knee-high-miah), Bildad the shoehite, being in one accord(as in Honda Accord). But I have been in 1&2 Samuel and read about Saul pursuing David to kill him. There was great insight as I read how Saul went into the cave where David and his men were hiding to "relieve himself". I was think that must have been a major poop session for David's men to come out of the recess of the cave, see Saul, go back into the recess of the cave, tell David how God had delivered Saul into his hands, and then for David to come out, take a piece of Saul's robe and then go back into the recess of the cave. I mean we are talking anywhere from 15-20 minutes of pooping. Which of course while telling my mature husband of this he made a comment how God was sovereign in giving Saul a 'Hoy Crap'!! I thought that was hilarious!!! So, every time that I think of this particular story I am going to remember Saul taking his holy crap. God's word definitely brings many emotions to the table so to speak! Another thing that I am thankful for is my kids. I think that I have said this before but it seems like recently they have brought so much joy in my life! There are so many stories that I could share on a daily basis that I wouldn't have time to do anything else because I would constantly be typing my life out rather then living it out. After I recent visit to Ohio I am thankful for Skybus airlines for providing SUPER cheap tickets. I am thankful for my in-laws who completely provide for our every need while we are there. But most of all I am reminded of how thankful I am for our church!! Now don't misunderstand me their church is so friendly, and we love the pastor there, he is so personable. However there is nothing that compares to the preaching of God's Word, and the submission to it! The music was led by a 15 person worship team with a woman as the lead singer, and was also 'led by the spirit' Very distracting for those who worship and probably the musicians who were trying to follow her emotional lead. I will repeat it. There is nothing like Grace!! Lastly I am thankful for my husband! God is slowly teaching him how to have a giving heart concerning money! He is also so devoted to people, work, his family, and his God! He continually amazes me and I love him so stinkin' much!!

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