Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Ben turned 6 a couple of weeks ago, he all of the sudden seems old, like he is eight instead of six. No longer a young child, I can see his character shining through! He always makes sure to compliment me on something on a daily basis, he is thoughtful and kind but still has that flirtatious twinkle in his eyes!

He is receiving "Citizen of the Month" today in his class. I am still in shock on how well he is doing in school. We thought that he would have major struggles both academically and socially. All of those fears were pushed aside when he taught himself how to read in preschool last year.

He has a passion for the Old Testament and knows details of most stories. Ben is so stinking smart. During his conference at school his teacher said that she can see him becoming a pastor or a professor of Old Testament, which is too funny because that is where I see him going as well if he continues on this track. We had a low key birthday party for him this year, just family. It was nice and relaxing....well, besides the Castle Cake he wanted me to make for him.....that, was a disaster!

Took his birthday pictures last night and as he sat in my lap to look at them with me, he leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Mommy, I love you and thank you for being my mom". Yeah, that completely melted my heart!

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Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord for such an encouraging update. Ben looks so mature, and congrats on the great report!