Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Still Behind

I am starting to very slowly catch up with blogging. One bite at a time right?

Hannah is now seven! We had a little tea party for her and a couple of her favorite friends, in which I forgot to take pictures. But one thing I thoroughly enjoy is taking the "birthday" pictures. I was being fed up with paying for my kids pictures professionally, in which my kids would just sit there and cry. So for the past few years I took over and I don't want to brag but mine are way better!

Here is where I started age 4

Here she is age 5

Age 6 with her Fancy Nancy Doll

And finally age 7.

She is definitely growing in both grace and beauty! Love you my Hannah Banana!

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Lydia Hickok said...

She is so precious! You do a great job snapping those photos!