Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Phoebe is how old?

Phoebe turned two years old yesterday. Man! Where did that time go? I seem to be having a harder time with her turning two then I did with Hannah and Ben. I think that it is because I know that she is my last girl. Phoebe is such a great, crazy girl. She is well behaved needs little training because she has observed Hannah and Ben well. She is a total tom boy! Has a great evil laugh, loves to blow "raspberries" on a unexpected back, loves dogs, shows little to know fear, and has one of those personalities that constantly cause me to raise my eyebrows in bewilderment and then start laughing. I LOVE HER SO MUCH!! Here are some pictures recapping her first two years. Happy Birthday Phoebe!


Debbie said...

Phoebe IS our wild child. Such fun, maybe she will be the one to be crazy with Grandma!!!

Lydia said...

Hooray for the birthday girl! I know I already said that, but I just looked at your photos. So cute. Love you, friend!