Saturday, September 11, 2010

Look who's here!

Well, we made it! Isaac made his entrance on September 2, 2010 at 11:57pm with 3 minutes to spare before the new day. He was a healthy 9lbs 3oz and 20 3/4 inches long. He looked great. I had prepared myself to cry one last time when I saw his shortened arm but it seems such of a small thing to cry over. As I held him in my arms I kept on thinking to myself, who cares about his hand, he is healthy and in my arms...I couldn't ask for anything more!
I am so glad to be home! I was admitted to the hospital 10 days before I was induced because of high blood pressure. Being in the hospital was a huge challenge for me. I have been a stay at home mom for over 6 years and I love my job! I hated going from being with my kids all day long to seeing them for one hour a day. Talk about a difficult transition. I am thankful because now I appreciate where God has me with my home, my husband, and my kids even more.
The labor and delivery were pretty uneventful on my part, however Curtis made a great impression on the hospital staff. As I was getting my epidural Curtis was standing behind me watching. I was breathing through the needle pokes and all of the sudden we here heavy moaning and breathing. Curtis had been watching a football game and my first thought that he was responding to a bad play in process but as a glanced back he was sitting down in a chair with his hands grasped around the arms of the chair staring off in space and shaking mildly. He was in the midst of a seizure, yes, you read that right a seizure! Curtis has had a few seizures before but never in front me. Immediately they left me to tend to Curtis. Yeah, don't worry about the pregnant lady everyone look at Curtis! They paged the doctors and nurses, in a few minutes I had my room full of doctors and nurses. Once they realized that it wasn't me who had the seizure and realized it was Curt, they all had a good laugh about it. Curtis is obviously fine. Isaac is great! I love him so very much. I know, random ending sorry, I am tired! Here are some pictures

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Lydia said...

I still can't see Curits having a seizure! Talk about an eventful day!