Friday, July 10, 2009

Where did the time go?

I blinked...I blinked and all of the sudden February 13 became July 11. Phoebe is almost 5 months old. Where did the time go? All of those blogs that I wanted to post about are gone, I have no idea where those thoughts were going. So, Phoebe is great! I love her dearly. She is by far our easiest baby. She rarely cries, smiles at everyone, will go see anyone, and wakes up as happy as can be. Her absolute favorite person is her big sister Hannah. Hannah can get Phoebe laughing at anytime. Hannah is such of a big help! She is learning how to change Phoebe's diaper, soothes her when she is crying, and is always wanting to learn more about taking care of her, I love it! Here are some of my favorite pictures of her.

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Kathy Hawke said...

Hi Bekah,
How sweet, I sure do miss the kids.
I knew Hannah would be a great big sister.