Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What Will the Night Bring

My four year old daughter is extremely shy. If you try to talk to her one on one it is very hard to do. I think that the main reason is because she doesn't like the attention on her. At her birthday parties she starts freaking out when everyone is staring at her opening her presents, same sort of thing when she is singing. Hannah loves to sing, she does it all of the time, but if she is aware that she is being watched, she will stop and hide her face. For example, yesterday, we took my grandpa to the airport and on the way back she started singing "Jingle Bells" with her brother and as soon as she saw me looking at her in my rear view mirror she instantly stopped and hid her face. This was not a surprise. So why is it that I am SO looking forward to her first Christmas concert tonight? My mom and I have bets on what she is going to do. She will either stand there looking at the floor with tears glistening in her eyes or she will stand there with her hands over her eyes. Hannah's preschool teacher Mrs. Hawke, encouraged me to be sitting near the front aisle just in case Hannah has a teary melt down. Kathy saw that Hannah is definitely not a performer. So, this will be fun. I will definitely take pictures and maybe even a video of this hilarious event!


Leila said...

Watch her become the most outgoing kid of all when she grows up!

Kathy Hawke said...

She did great...I was so proud of her. I just love that little girl to pieces:)