Thursday, July 10, 2008

Secrets are Pointless with me!

I hate secrets! I cannot for the life of me keep them! When I buy someone a present such as Christmas, I want to tell them right away! So, I don't know what I was thinking when I was trying to keep my pregnancy a secret! I kept it a secret for 10 days of finding out, and even within those ten days I told like ten people. I know that I am like this which is why I didn't want to take any kind of pregnancy test until I was a few months along so that way I could answer honestly that I didn't know or not, but because of my two mis-carriages my doctor told me that I needed to test right away so that they could get some meds in me to help the fetus along. So, I 'came out' yesterday after my mom asked me directly if I was or not. Now I am trying to cover all of my bases so that I don't leave anyone out :) It is official I am 7 weeks pregnant and my estimated due date is February 24 or 26 thus far. I have my first ultrasound August 1, and we are not planning on finding out what we are having. We will have to see on that, because I also hate surprises, but I will try to be strong!

Please be praying for the next week specifically because my last two mis-carriages happened between week 7 & 8 and that is where I am at right now! I am hoping and praying that if I can get over this hump it will be clear sailing like my other two pregnancies! Thanks everyone!


bean said...


you are so funny. good job on the 10 days...well, not really, i guess. :) so what meds? did you have to start progesterone? we will keep praying here, for sure.

i'm just glad that you're due far enough away from me that there can't possibly be a competition in your mind this time around. :)

Jolie Hall said...

Congrats Bekah!!! We will keep your family uplifted in prayer. New babies are so exciting!!

Liesy said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Yey, how exciting we're "pregger-buddies!" along with Lydia, too. How fun!

Leila said...

YAY for more babies and Church growth! We love you guys and are praying :)