Monday, February 19, 2007

Enjoying the Process pt1

So, one thing that I resolved to do this year is to write out the things that I have been thankful for every month, blogging is the perfect way to share. I am first of all thankful for my Savior and Lord. I am thankful that my life has a purpose and that I am not wandering around this earth being hopeless and lost. I am thankful that He(being God) is constintly molding and shaping me into what He wants me to become. I am thankful for His perfecting and completed work on the cross through His Son!
I am thankful as well for my husband that loves me inspite of myself. He is constintly investing in me and our family. He loves me for who I am, where I am at, and who I will become. Curtis holds me together, provides structure, and reminds me that life needs to include tasks as well as relationships. He says that God is a God of order, which translate that our house needs to be in! I love him so much!!
I am thankful for my two kids Hannah and Ben! They provide so much joy in my life! They help me with scheduling out my days, helping me not to be slothful or self motivated! I love seeing them grow; physically and in their understanding. I mean my two year old can count to twenty-ten(thirty), she likes to learn, she likes to pray, she likes looking at her bible! Ben loves to laugh and to wrestle around. He is energectic and loves life, he also enjoys to pray and to be together as a family.
I am thankful for my church(even though it seems like I am never there). I love the focus on the truths that are in God's word. I love that it is one big family and that there is no major conflict that is dividing it. God has been working in our church, even through the trials of sickness and deaths within our church, He is showing Himself through our cares for eachother in meeting eachothers needs! And THAT in awesome and rare!

So , here lies pt. one of twelve months of enjoying the process!!

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AndyB said...

Good Job Bek. Way to stick to it. Keep it up and keep pressin' on.